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Hospital Packing List - It's just a couple things!

Labor & Birth Bag

Picture ID, Insurance Card and Hospital Paperwork

Your Birth Plan (at least 2 copies)

*Eyeglasses/Contacts & Solution



Water Bottle w/Straw

2-3 Pairs Socks with grips (hospital will provide some)

Whatever Helps Relax You (Music, Pillows, Electric Candles, Oils, etc…)

Heating Pad

*Birthing Clothes/Gown

Sports Bra or Bathing Suit

Lip Balm

Headband and/or Ponytail Holder

Hard Candies/Peppermints (ill bring some)

Flip Flops

For You & Partner

Small Cooler with Snacks & Drinks




Something to Read and/or Watch

Pillows/Blanket (Ones you don’t mind getting a bit messy)

Cellphone Chargers

For Your Partner

Camera (with Charger, Memory Card, Batteries and/or Charger)

Change of Clothes & Undergarments (Bathing Suit if you want to get in/near the water with mom during labor)

Money (or Credit Card)

Hospital Bag For You

1-2 Nursing Bra

2-3 Changes of Roomy/Comfortable Clothes

Breastfeeding Aids (Boppy, Mothers Breast Friend, Nipple Cream/Coconut oil)

Pillow & Blanket

Going Home Outfit

Hospital Bag for Partner

2-3 Changes of Clothes



Comfortable Pillow

What To Bring For Baby

Installed Car Seat

Going Home Outfit

1 Additional Outfit

Extra Blanket (For The Way Home If It’s Chilly)

*A Thick Hat (If It Is A Colder Season)

1-2 Pairs of Socks

Nail Clippers

Diaper Cream or Coconut/Olive Oil

Comfort Measure Tools (Doula Will Bring)

Fan, Tennis Ball, Rebozo, Massage Tools, TENS Unit, Oils

*If applicable

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