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Partners & Doulas

Today’s birth partners want to be involved in the pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum process. A doula can help partners experience this time with confidence.

When doulas are present at labor and birth, women experience the following:

  • Shorter labors

  • Fewer medical interventions

  • Fewer cesareans

  • Healthier babies

  • Improved satisfaction

  • More partner involvement

What can a birth doula do?

  • A doula can help ensure parents get all the information necessary to make decisions and help facilitate communication between parents and medical care providers.

  • A doula can help partners understand the range of normal behaviors during birth.

  • A doula can assist partners in the use of coping techniques.

  • A doula helps partners share in the birth experience at the level that feels most comfortable to them.

  • A doula brings expertise to a birth and helps families as they transition into parenthood.

Support During the Postpartum Period

  • Doula support can help fill the gaps in postpartum care.

  • Doulas help partners learn how to care for mothers, encourage breastfeeding and/or share feeding responsibilities and incorporate other children – if applicable – into their new family dynamic.

  • Doulas validate and enhance parents’ intuitive ability to nurture their newborn and each other.

  • Doulas encourage parents to become confident todevelop and implement their own parenting style, leading to decreased anxiety.

  • Doulas provide emotional and practical support during postpartum recovery.

Credit - DONA Int.

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